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The habit of Gratitude

The habit of Gratitude is a Good Habit

What we are after here is the habit of gratitude. At first, some of the people around you may feel a little odd about your expressing gratitude towards them. Because gratitude is so powerful, sometimes people use it for the wrong reasons, and this may make people a little suspicious at first. As if to say, “What are you after?”

But, if you are able to make gratitude a habit that comes naturally and frequently for you, those suspicions will subside quickly and the people in your life will just think of you as a very grateful person. Truly, there are many worse ways to be regarded then grateful.

There are two tools for getting good at gratitude: 1. Make it Tangible & 2. Make it earnest.

Let’s start with the second one first: Make it Earnest. Did you ever hear that animals can sense fear? They really can, thing is, we all can. We can also all sense when someone is being a phony.

It’s an odd feeling really, an inexplicable uneasiness when we know that someone isn’t being honest, or is trying to manipulate us. Earlier I showed you how gratitude is the most powerful because it amplifies so easily, and reflects so quickly. It is also the most precarious because if you express phony gratitude, people will resent you tremendously.

The Worst Kind of Fakeness

Being a fake is bad. But being a fake when it comes to gratitude is amongst the worst kinds of phoniness there is. Just like honest gratitude amplifies and magnifies with lightening speed, so too does phony gratitude build resentment and distaste with lightening speed.

So make it earnest. Make it real. Make it come from the heart. Here’s the trick for doing that with certainty – “feel it first”. Even if you are just expressing gratitude for the person who poured your coffee, pause before you say anything, take a deep breath and feel the gratitude from within yourself. Truly feel it and you can be sure they will to.

The second tip is to “make it tangible”. Look, words of gratitude are great, but when you show it through action or thoughtful gifts, there is no doubt of your earnestness. It’s pretty easy to, all you need to do is feel it, then instead of expressing it with words, express it with actions.

Let me give you a few examples – flowers, cards, cleaning (a little extra cleaning is a surefire way to please your spouse), massages (don’t try this on staff members or colleagues), the other persons regular chores, small trips, dates, LISTENING. Of these, LISTENING is probably the best and most neglected technique. To get this right, don’t try to solve the others problems, just really try to listen…

Today’s Exercise

Okay,You got it? Make it Earnest and make it tangible… Feel it first, then take action to show it.

Today, we’re going to focus on the person we’ve missed so far this week, YOU. How do you show yourself you’re grateful for all that you do? When was the last time you just thanked your body for all its tireless efforts and support? How do you show your body how much you appreciate it?

It’s easy to say, “Do something nice for yourself.” But we’re after something deeper here, the feeling of gratitude for yourself. Truly feel the gratitude you hold inside yourself, for yourself, and then act on it. Listen to what your body and spirit wants and needs, then take some action on it, truly live it, and see what happens…

Have fun with this one! See you tomorrow!

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