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Feeling Grateful to You

Have I told you how much I appreciate you reading this stuff? I’m not kidding!

You folks with your feedback, and emails, and the ones who don’t say anything at all you just light me up every morning. Did you know I get a bird’s eye view every morning of all our users? Really, first thing in the morning I get a map with little red dots on it everywhere someone read these articles…

My beloved little red dots

My personal dream has always been about helping people fulfill their dreams, that’s why I spent my career building schools and libraries. For me, it just feels right to earn my living helping others lives.

So to me, every single one of those little dots, is someone I’m sharing my day with. You. Your reading this is the reason it’s being written. You make all this possible. Whether you ever buy our stuff or not, it doesn’t matter. You are making all this possible, and I want to honestly thank you for being a part of that.

That’s why I look at those dots every morning, to remind me that there are real people there. Most people won’t send emails or stuff like that, I don’t expect them to. But everyone shows up on those maps, every morning, and you may not know it, but I feel overwhelmingly grateful to every single one of those dots, every single person who by simply being here reading this is making my living dream come true…

So thank you.

Oh yeah… Gratitude…

Secretly, we all have gratitude for the people around us already, that’s just normal. When they express gratitude to us, we feel grateful for the gratitude, plus all the gratitude we already had inside us! We reflect it, only amplified. Real gratitude, from the heart gratitude bounces very quickly from person to person, growing with each person it passes to and from.

When you give out a lot of gratitude, you become like the hub of a wheel with gratitude radiating out in every direction, and coming back to you from every direction. When Gratitude towards others becomes an integral part of your life, and you build a reputation as being a Grateful Person, you find your whole world changes so much.

Everywhere you go people greet you with a smiling face, eager to see you, eager to help you because they know that they will be appreciated.

So for today, let’s repeat yesterday’s practice and go for another big 10. Ten more expressions of gratitude, to anyone… Anywhere, Anytime, about anything!

Have fun with it! Tomorrow we are going to get challenging…

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