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Likes Align and Congeal

Bringing Dreams to Life

The second tool in the Quick Start 7 Toolkit is called: The Fundamental Principle. In the introduction, I mentioned that this isn’t going to be about doing your best and feeling good about failure. This is real life, and in real life doing your best and then failing is seldom rewarded. In real life, sitting back and waiting for your dreams to drop into your lap because you’d like them too, seldom gets the job done.

“Like Attracts Like” is very close to “Likes Align and Congeal”, and it’s easy to see how they can get confused with one another, but in real life ‘almost good enough’ just isn’t going to measure up. This tool will form the foundation from which you will begin to build your life as a living dream come true, so we need to get it right.

The good news is, once you have a solid grasp of the Foundation, you can use it to build anything you desire. Building a multimillion dollar enterprise is done through the same fundamentals as improving your diet or building your connection with the ones you love. The bad news is, most people are using the fundamentals to create the life they don’t want!

The Fundamental Principle Explained:

The Fundamental Principle is “Likes Align and Congeal” and it is working every instant with or without or influence. The Fundamental Principle is the overriding law at work in each and every aspect of our lives. It is so simple, so basic, so universally true it governs everything everywhere. This principle works with or without any effort on our part, so it only makes sense to use it to our advantage.

Aligning and Congealing in a Meadow

The Fundamental Guiding Principle of the Universe is just this: “Likes Align and Congeal.” This can be seen everywhere you care to look, it is pervasive. It is written over and over on every page of Nature’s Bible, things which are alike have a tendency to align with one another and gather together. Think for an instant of a grassy meadow, hundreds of thousands of stalks of grass standing side by side all reaching towards the sun. The grass in the meadow seems to be gathered together, at the edge of the meadow the trees seem to be gathered together, beyond them, the rocks seem to be so similar all gathered together, and even there in the meadow amidst the grass we see the people gathered together.

Now this is very similar to “Like attracts like” but the distinction is clear, the trees were not actually attracted to one another, the rocks were not actually attracted to one another, the people may or may not be attracted to one another… Nonetheless, each of these similar things has gathered together, we call this “Congealing.” Over and over we see this repeat itself in nature, with or without our effort things which are alike naturally gather together.

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