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4 Way Pong

First up in our Brain Bending Series is this little gem guaranteed to get you thinking on all sides of the box. At Monalle, we’re all about the Practice of Success and Personal Development and one of the major skills you will need as you pursue your dreams is the ability to see things from every conceivable angle.

Okay, I admit that playing a little pong isn’t as intense as some of the courses and practices we have around here, but it is a great way to get your brain to break loose from old patterns and habits. See, our habits in life tend to create the same results over and over, only when we start to challenge our standards and practices do we really break free and step to the next level of our own personal development.

So do this for minute or two, just relax, try not to think about whatever it is your working towards or on, just play this little multi-dimensional pong and let your brain bend a little bit. You never know what lies right around the corner until you give it a chance…