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Enthusiasm: How to Discover Yours

What would your job be like if everyday you were enthusiastic about doing it?

What would your relationship be like if your Enthusiastic about you’re partner and the life you are creating with them?

The Wall of Enthusiasm

If your single, what would your life be like if you were Enthusiastic about about all the wonderful things you can do all by yourself? Or, Enthusiastic and hopeful about the potential wonderful relationship you may soon discover? (if that’s where you’re heading)

If you’re a parent, what would parenting be like if you were always enthusiastic about your childrens’ constant demands and endless new interests?

Or, if you’re a student, what would school or college be like if you woke up everyday filled with a rich sense of enthusiasm and excitement for all the wondrous (and sometimes not so wondrous) new adventures to be had and learned in the wall of you school or college?

But who can be so enthusiastic about all these things?

If Not Now, When?

A better question, perhaps more important question is: “If not Now, when?”

Odd example? The Bhagavhad Gita is one of the three most widely read religious books on the whole planet. In it, the Lord Krishna explains,

You do realize that this is your life right? To do with as you please, to make and shape into whatever you want it to be. There are going to be obstacles, losses, potentially even failure and defeat. More than that there is going to be boredom, tedium, and endless nonsense you don’t really want to do but for some reason or another you feel you must…

Those things are going to be part of your life. But I’m going to tell you a secret, you can make enthusiasm into a habit, and if you do that, very quickly you won’t really be able to tell the difference between something boring and tedious and something fun…

I know, this can be a difficult concept to embrace, so let’s slow down for a second and try to absorb it, because if you get it, it will change every aspect of your life into a stream of endless joys, one after another…

Here’s the choice you need to make: “Do you want to live life as a living dream come true, or not?” Simple decision, if you look at your life as a chance, as an endless stream of possibilities one after another, than it is your right, your privilege, and perhaps even your duty to find the “Enthusiasm for Living” which there just beneath the surface.

I’m not talking about enthusiasm for cooking dinner, or enthusiasm for taking classes, I’m talking about a general, all pervasive overriding enthusiasm for living flowing and glowing and growing in each and every one of your cells in each and every moment that you are alive…

Sure, sometimes it’s strong; sometimes it’s not so strong. Sometimes it comes easily, sometimes it takes a little effort. But if you have found inside of you a general ‘All Purpose Enthusiasm for life’ then it becomes readily easy and available to apply to any aspect of your life at any time you choose.

So for today’s exercise I have just one question for you:

“If not now, when?”

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