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Find the Treasure

Every once in a while a game comes along that stands up and says, “I’m weird. I’m going to challenge what you consider a game to be.” I like that, I like that in people, and I like that in games. However, quite often that weirdness is just ‘unique for unique’s sake’ and neither innovative nor pleasing…

Find the Treasure is definitely a standout example of weird and unique, but it’s also an outstanding example of innovation and is quite pleasing to play. The puzzles are challenging, the graphics are altogether artistic and well done, and half the time you haven’t even realized your trying to solve a puzzle until you three quarters of the way into it!

The game is a puzzle adventure game (one of our all time favorite genres) and the puzzles are strewn throughout the game cleverly popping up one after another as you make you way towards the goal… To top it all off they thrown in the occasional odd, massive head popping up and groaning – and you’ve got a surefire winner!

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