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Fat Slice

One of the core skills in life is the ability to break large goals down into smaller and smaller ones until you reach what we call the the “Smallest Manageable Increment of Success”… Pretty simple concept really, you set yourself up for victory by breaking down large goals into chunks so small you know you can succeed at them one after another until you’ve created massive accomplishments in what seems like no time at all!

Today our friends at bring us this excellent little game by Aaron Neugebauer called Fat Slice. Gameplay is as simple as the core telents of transforming your life into a living dream come true: “Break everything down into small bite sized chunks.”

Well, to be totally honest, I think it may actually be a little easier to create and manifest the life of your dreams than it is to actually win this game! Seriously, this game goes from mind bogglingly easy to amazingly hard, yet still somehow doable in a very short progression of time…

So what’s the secret of making it to the end? You guessed it, when all else fails, start with smaller and smaller chunks, tkae the big ones when you can, when they’re manageable, but when they aren’t go smaller and smaller, tighter and tighter with goals you know you can succeed at, and in now time, you be watching those little balls bouncing around in some of the smallest little chambers you ever did see!

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