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Exploit: The Computer Hacking Game

One of the best puzzle games I’ve played in ages… Easy enough to learn to play quickly, but challenging enough to really get you thinking as the puzzles grow in complexity.

As you transform your life into a living dream come true you are going to be faced with an unending stream of problems to solve, and dilemmas to unravel. Gregory Weir from has blended a great set of problem solving tools into a very playable game to get your juices flowing in this one.

As a professional problem solver, I thought I’d lay down a few of my tricks to problem solving for you in this write-up.

First: There is always a solution. In real life, there is always a solution to every problem. it isn’t always what, where, or how you’d like it to be, but it’s always there waiting for you to find it.

Second: Good solutions are usually the simplest ones. Look for the least steps to the goal, try and find the straightest line to the outsource you desire, and don’t spend too much energy on a solution that doesn’t seem to be working. Good solutions are usually the simplest ones!

Third and lastly: Big problems are usually solved with sets of small solutions. Don’t try to solve everything at once, figure out the increments and make small sequential progress towards your goal and before you know it you have the whole knot unraveled and it will all seem much easier than you thought in the first place. Remember, all great successes are made up of tons and tons of smaller success along the way!

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