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The Essence of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is the Fire inside all Accomplishments

This week we are going to be exploring ‘Enthusiasm’ in all its myriad forms (it’s a much more diverse idea than most people give it credit for!) As we move through the week you’ll begin to understand why Napoleon Hill (Author of ‘Laws of Success’ – mentor to Anthony Robbins) said, “All of the traits and characteristics a person may possess, no single trait is more powerful than enthusiasm”.

The Most powerful trait? The single trait that stands above all others in your pursuit of personal success and individual accomplishment is without a doubt, “Enthusiasm”…

If all the traits of personal development and success consciousness are as pearls on a strand, then enthusiasm sits as the clasp holding them all together. It is the microphone which amplifies your efforts. It is the telescope which lets you see things you could have never imagined existed, and it is the train which ferries you towards your life as a living dream come true.

Without a doubt, enthusiasm is the single most powerful and important trait when it comes right down to the all important simplest of all things “Getting it done!”

So let’s start the week off and try to understand this all important trait at its essence.

The Origins of Enthusiasm

The word itself, “Enthusiasm” has undergone a meaning shift over the last two thousand years which can really reveal a lot if you understand it. In modern times, it means simply:

“A lively Interest, strong sense of approval, or intense enjoyment of something”

But that’s not what it always meant, it used to mean something a tad deeper…

“Enthusiastic indicates a divine inspiration, angelic affiliation, or the immediate presence and influence of the Divine.”

Whoa! No wonder Napoleon Hill thinks so highly of it! At its very essence, enthusiasm refers to those times when you feel divinely inspired, when you feel as if the energy of the whole universe is flowing through you, guiding your hands, your efforts, your thoughts to any goal and outcome you desire.

Enthusiasm is that energy where you feel unstoppable, as if you are doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.

And Endless Supply of Energy

When you have Enthusiasm you have nearly and endless supply of energy, motivation, drive, courage, stamina, persistence, dedication and enough verve to scale and obstacle and fulfill any dream you may have along the way.

Enthusiasm is the flame, it is the light in the candle and the fire in the sun. It is the warmth in your veins and the spring in your step.

If you’ve got it, you can do anything… If you haven’t got any, don’t worry, this week we’re going to be looking at ways to build enthusiasm, use enthusiasm, convert enthusiasm into results, and most importantly how to share enthusiasm with the people in your life who may need it the most…

So for today’s practice, we want to plant to plant the seed by answering one simple question:

“If I had unlimited Enthusiasm, how would my life be different?”

Take some time on this one, you may want to think on it throughout the day, you may want to write out your answer right now, either way, just to get you juices flowing on this all important essence, take some time thinking about what you would do with Unlimited Enthusiasm!

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