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The Amazing Elephant Artist of Thailand

In Thailand the Elephant is a sacred creature, treated with reverence and adoration. Elephant trainers are called “Elephant Protectors” and take a tremendous cultural pride in protecting, nurturing, and teaching these elephants. So instead of the idea of trainer, the Thai people have “Elephant Instructors” who give classes to the Elephants… Elephant Classes?

Big outdoor classrooms, stick with me here… What sort of classes do Elephants take? Well, I’m told they really enjoy the art classes for one… Now, when you give a 4,000 pound pachyderm a paintbrush to hold in her trunk, you don’t really expect much now do you? I mean, if she can make a few scribbles on a page, well, then I’d put it on my fridge and call it art… At best, if she could produce some sort of pleasing abstract art, you know, a bunch of color swirls splashed on a page sort of thing, I’d frame it over the sofa and tell everyone that an Elephant painted it and it would be pretty cool…

What you don’t expect, is a clear, very deliberate life drawing… That’s asking for a lot… But, seriously now, they do take classes, so why not ask for a lot?

This video unfolds pretty slow, and doesn’t really get mind blowing until the mid-way point, but if you stick with it all the way through, it is going to absolutely blow your mind!

Paintings are available for purchase at:…

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