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Dub Selector Burning Babylon

The mind’s at Infinite Wheel in their infinite intelligence have done it yet again with this outstanding Dub Creator (the 8th in their series)… Simple and straightforward to play, just move the mouse around, click stuff, and make music.

As the Senior Editor (and dude behind the wheel) here at Monalle I’ve made a commitment to try and write some sort of Personal Empowerment tie-in to go with every game and video we have here… The Music makers are sort of the most difficult, after all, you move the mouse around, click stuff, and music comes out… Where’s the Empowerment in that?

Never Fear! I’ll tell ya, this game is the perfect embodiment of a life well lived! In the immortal words of so many people the original is lost to me, “Whether you think you can or you you think you can’t, you’re right!” Our perspective and outlook on life creates our perceptions of it, we all already know that… So what i offer you today in this little gem of a music maker is simply this, “Imagine going through your day where everything you touch, every action you do gives rise to a cascade of harmonious music!”

If our thoughts determine the course and outcome of our days, how about that for a mental image to work with? Try it! Just see how it feels as you imagine thaqt every door you open is sending harmonious rythms into your world, that when you pick up your pencil or pen it echoes lovely beats into that harmony, when you sit in your chair it cascades a funky bass line into the rhythm of life. Imagine a day where everything you do and touch turns into effervescent harmonies filling the world around you!

See, I tole’ you this game was deep and rich with hidden meaning!