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Dub FX featuring Woodnote

If you’ve been a fan of Monalle for some time then you know I’m a huge fan of minimalistic stuff. Stuff like freerunning (no equipment required), or yoga (also no need for gear) and of course, let us not forget beatboxing!

Okay, I know this one only somewhat illustrates my point, but it’s so awesome!!! When it comes to making an opera out of two dudes, a saxaphone, a microphone, and a digital sampler it simply doesn’t get any better than this…

As you check out this out, it becomes almost a lost fact that the entire thing is just the amazing beatboxing of Dub FX mixed live with the saxaphone performance of the Miraculous Mr. Woodnote…

Okay, let me explain that for those of you not versed in this scene, Dub FX is the guy with the microphone, he’s creating all the beats, background sounds and music, recording it in a digital sampler, then looping so it plays over and over… Then Mr. Woodnote comes in and lays down the saxaphone tracks while Dub FX switches over to doing the vocals live, plus adding more back beats to the whole mix! So whenever you see Dub (the guy with the microphone) bend down, he’s adjusting the sampler and making new loops.

Now, to put it all together and make proper sense of it, this is all occurring live, outdoors, as a street performance! This isn’t a music video made after the song was created, this is a 100% live street performance of a song these two giants are performing / creating on the spot!

So I ask you, what did you do today?

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