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Dice Wars

This game has a great blend of strategy, tactics, and luck – this makes it a lot like real life! The Simple Rules: You get one new die at the end of each turn for each of your connected territories, these dice are spread randomly across all your lands. The game ends when one person controls all of the lands.

Let’s take a moment to look at the distinction between ‘Strategy and Tactics’: Strategy is big picture, overview stuff while tactics are the short range techniques you use to accomplish the big picture stuff. Simple.

In your pursuit of success you will have a Strategy (your major goals and how you intend to accomplish them), and you will have tactics (the short term techniques you use to execute your strategy). Get all that? Good.

There are only ever 3 tactics you will need for the accomplishment of any strategy. It doesn’t matter if it be health, wealth, or love and relationships – there are still only three fundamental tactics you will need to master. We call them by the acronym: ECF, which stands for Expansion, Contraction, and Fortification.

Dicewars is a great place to understand these three tactics. In this game you will need to determine which technique you need to apply at any given moment – Do you Expand your position or do you contract and consolidate? Do you pass on your turn and fortify your existing lands or spread out thin for future advantage?

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