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Sparta Kitty Reigning over his Kingdom?

Okay, it’s not actually Sparta, “The Most Famous Cat in the World”, but it is another Egyptian Mau doing what Mau’s do best, being regal! This time, in the classic royal style of the Mau’s, our hero shows us that in the kingdom of the Mau, there is no racism, speciesism, or prredjudice of any kind… Anyone may adore and fawn over our beloved Mau’s!

This video was shot at Arnold’s Wildlife Rehab, in Okeechobee, Florida where they take injured deer, rehabilitate them, and reintroduce back in to the wild… The cat, who’s name I was unable to get, is the local who lives with Arnold and his family…

One thing that strikes me about this video, and it’s something you may not know, is that deer have what it called a ‘cloven foot’, the edges of which are fingernail like and often extremely sharp. Our cat hero in this video ‘senses’ safety and isn’t stirred for a moment when the deer strokes him with that hoof.

As you go about your day today, I want to introduce that sense of security into your subconscious… There are situations, situations in which you are totally safe, even in the face of what might easily be mistaken as danger… And there are situations which are dangerous and may appear totally safe… Your gut will tell you the difference. Each of us, just like this cat here has the ability to know when we are safe, but so often we allow our fears and inhibitions to overcome that sense, unlike this Royal Mau who surrenders completely in the knowledge of her safety… So for today, you challenge is to listen to your inner guides, trust yourself to know the difference between safe and unsafe situations, then expereince your life with the kind of Regality normally reserved for these Royal Mau’s!

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