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Vincent James’ $100 Million Dollar Secret

Vincent James

Vincent James is a felon. Vincent James learned that he could spend $30 per bottle marketing very poorly made vitamins and outsell the best vitamins in the industry. While one company spends a lot of money making the best vitamins and supplements possible, Vincent James comes in and spends 10x as much marketing a flashy bottle of what amounts to almost sawdust and out sells the high quality product. He used this technique to make almost $100 million dollars. Vincent now sells ‘How to Books’. (note: Vincent is a genuine guy who is very open about his being arrested and fined $68 million dollars and who was cool enough to let me use his picture and story to make my point – thanks Vincent) This is happening all over, in every industry, even even in the world of self help and personal development…

Debunking the Laws of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Marketplace

Let me give you this example, if you are a highly trained typist who can type 35 words per minute, you’re not very good, sorry. Really, you type fast, but not that fast for a trained typist. If you are an untrained typist who can type 35 words per minute, you are very good. Here’s why, the untrained typist can likely reach the 70 words per minute mark once they get a little training. The highly trained typist who can only type 35 words per minute most likely was trained wrong and has a number of bad typing habits. They will need to untrain those habits, and then get retrained.

Since the Secret and its 90 minute long movie / infomercial came out, there has been a phenomenal surge in The Laws of Attraction Products. Just like the vitamin industry, some of these are great, well crafted, well thought out, profound and earnest works with a lot to offer. Just like the vitamin industry, some of these are sawdust in flashy packages.

In the image at right, I collected a few of these courses. One of them was written by an alien collective named Abraham, another was written by a 14 year old boy who sold enough of them to buy a Hummer (the suv, even though he can’t drive it for another two years). Now you might say, “An Alien!” or “What can a 14 year old boy teach me?” Well, in my humble opinion, of the ones I’ve seen, the ones by the alien are probably the best of the bunch, and that 14 year old boy understood the principles well enough to manifest a $50k suv, 2 years before he even learned to drive…

The market is so flooded, you really can’t tell the bogus from the quality stuff anymore. This is the Fundamental Principle we’re talking about here, it’s a foundational element. If someone claims to be teaching it and they don’t actually understand it, everything is going to come out all cockeyed and crooked.

You’re going to be using this principle to build the foundation of your living dream come true, so we’re going need to get it right. If you already learnt it correctly, then you’ll appreciate this review because you know that repetition is one of the keys to using it. If you learned some bogus version of it, no problem, by the end of the next few pages, you’ll have unlearnt it and relearned correctly…

But, “Who am I to claim I can teach it correctly?” The fact that I used it to generate $354 million dollars for Public Schools in one day should be evidence enough. But, really what does it even matter if am an alien or a little kid? You’ll know it’s either correct or bogus by the end of the next page, your gut will tell you if it feels right or not.

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