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Cubes of Death

I would be lying if I said I found this game fun. It’s the same principle, exactly as lights out, but for some reason it’s like a kajillion times harder.

Pretty straightforward to play, just get the blocks to go down to create and even level, simple really.

I always try to put some insightful personal development stuff in all these write-ups, but since I had a nervous break-down and gave up without even making it past level 2, I’m not feeling all that coachy…

So how about this bit of professional advice from Drucker, “The single greatest mistake made by businesses both large and small is not knowing when to give up. The old adage of ‘not throwing good money after bad’ seems to be forgotten in the world of business as corporations and small business owners alike expel endless amounts of time, energy, and money on projects which are already doomed, starving resources from other projects which may have a far better chance for survival.”

So, for ‘Cubes of Death’, I’ve decided to give up gracefully on level two. If you have better luck (I heard the game actually can be won) or just figure this one out, send me an email with some tips. I’m not ashamed to admit that lots of you are far better puzzlers than me!

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