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Cory Martinez – BMX Master

Cory MartinezUp and coming bmx future legend, Cory Martinez… As always here at Monalle we love to highlight people of extraordinary skill, nomatter the type of skill. Meet Corry Martinez, 25 years old, lives with his wife and two dogs in a small, northern Alabama town, he likes to work on his house, and is a respected, active member of his local church. in the past few years, Cory has become an international known BMX’r winning of the NORA Cup “Street Rider of the Year” award three times!

Cory is the living embodiment of that famous Joseph Campbell quoted, “Follow your bliss and everything else will fall into place.” Being a good bmx’r in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere is a far cry from international sponsorship and a full on professional career. But Cory, down-to-earth, approachable, friendly loved to ride and wasn’t going to let that stand in his way. As a teenager his smooth, confident style seemed well beyond his years; and in any given spot, he seemed to find possibilities that no one else had even thought of, yet alone attempted.

So often we think of skateboarders and bmx freestylers as rowdy partiers, but here’s the world’s best (3 time) and he’s far from the stereotype. He’s also an active member of his church, having server as a youth sponsor when his travel schedule permits, completely devoted to his wife, Rachelle (and only slightly less so to their dogs, Mocha and Chino), and spends his spare time remodeling their home… “I love doing fixer-uppers!” Cory says.

Monalle tips its hat to you this morning Cory, Thanks for being a role model for anyone who wants the most out of themselves!”

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