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Another look at the Laws of Attraction? This time I want to bring your focus to the mechanism behind the laws. You see, that which we are similar to, we are drawn towards, and such the same it is drawn towards us.

It is the notion of being drawn, pulled forward… Einstein viewed gravity itself as bowl shaped bends in space-time, is it possible that the Laws of Attraction create the same sorts of bowl-shaped bends?

Is it possible that the life of our dreams is created by bending the time-space continuum to create flows of force and influence? So often people tned to think of creating and manifestation as simple “One Time Acts” and they forget that everything we put in motion propagates and continues itself long after we have stopped focusing on it…

This game, “Contour” reminds us that we are the one’s guiding our own flow in life. Obstacles, roadblocks are all around us, but it is our ability to navigate these obstacles that makes life what it is, the greatest game you could ever hope to play!