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How to use a Unified Perspective
(The Mystical Takeaway)

The Mystical Union of Science and Spirituality

Have you been told, “The Universe doesn’t care if you want to create a button, or a castle, to the Universe it is all the same.” This simply isn’t true. If Spirit is a real thing, and it is, why would it be the one thing in all of the universe which is exempt from the laws of cause and effect? The one real thing exempt from the physical laws which govern all other real things?

A Unified Perspective removes the mystical veil and applies the same laws to spirit as apply everywhere else in the universe. It’s a fact: Small things take little spirit, big things take a lot.

Putting your Unified Perspective to work means just two things: 1. You can manifest almost anything you can dream of within the limits of the system. 2. Building your dreams into your reality follows the same simple rules of nature as building anything else.

The Limits of Reality

The laws and limits of reality will become your friend and ally as you learn to manifest your dreams sequentially, using the limits of the system as your personal tools, stacking one success atop another. Where the limits may have once hindered you, they will support your every dream, so long as you understand how to work with them.

Science and Mysticism together at last

This first tool, Your Unified Perspective, is basis of the Physics for Building Dreams, and just like and engineer needs to understand gravity to build a bridge, the understanding itself doesn’t build the bridge, it takes many more tools to actually bring that bridge into reality.

The rest of the Quick Start 7 will give you the tools with which you will actually begin building, this first one was here just to let you know it’s all real, all based in solid proven practices and there will be no hype, no fluff (okay, a little fluff – but Hey I like lots of fluffy pictures and stuff like that, give me a break would ya’), no B.S., and certainly no meta-neo-pseudo-popo crap to clog it all up…

At this point, you should have two questions in the front or back of your mind: 1. How do I convert begin turning dreams into reality? (convert spirit into the material world) & 2. How can I get more Spirit?

Good Questions! Let’s move forward and begin cultivating, building, purifying, and converting Spirit into your dreams and desires. The next tool will show you how to begin building the Foundations of your Living Dream come true. The Fundamental Principle(Available – February 5th)

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