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Did you ever wish you could turn back time and do something over? Now, for the first time Chronotron let’s you have that experience! In fact, to win this game you are going to need to be all over the timestream — forward, backwards, sidewards you name it!

Gameplay is pretty straightforward, you’ll need to coordinate your future and past selves to solve the puzzles and move your way through the game, simple enough right? Just don’t create temporal paradoxes! Oh… No sir, you gotta watch out for the temporal paradoxes! (don’t worry, the game will explain these as you progress your way through…

What I want to use this game to illustrate is the power of compounding efforts… Charles Haanel, in his seminal work “The Master Key System” (on which the movie “The Secret” was based, speaks often and extensively about the nature of compounding efforts… He says that every single effort we make extends itself into the future and echos thousands upon thousands of times, nomatter how small that effort or action is.

Haanel’s core concept is that a life is made up of the sum of our all smallest efforts, that our future situations and circumstances are inextricably the results of our smallest efforts and thoughts… As you enjoy Chronotron, try to reflect on how your efforts, actions, energies and thoughts are stacking up to create the solutions to all of your real life puzzles!

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