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Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi

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6th Grader Greyson Chance Rocketed to worldwide recognition practically overnight with this amazing performance, over 40 million people have... …
Elephant Artist

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Elephant Art Classes? In Thailand the Elephant is a sacred creature, treated with reverence and adoration. So instead of "Trainers", they have "Instructors" who give classes...…
Jessica’s Daily Affirmations

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Little Jessica is seriously optimistic about life, her family, her house, school... Pretty much everything you could possibly imagine she's positive about it... I thought she'd be a…
Smoke on the Yangtze

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The cultural divide is narrowing... American Kung Fu flicks are getting better, and now, a full traditional Chinese version of Deep Purple's classic, "Smoke on the Water"...simply glorious…
Life Coaching the Feline Way

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When it comes to Living a Life well lived, cats really seem to have it all figured out don't they? ...and figured out with grace... So here's…
Elvis the King of Yoga?

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Today, August 16th, 2010 marks the 33rd anniversary of Elvis' death... So today we celebrate his life with this rare clip of him at his very best -…