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Natural Laws Don’t Care

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There is something distinctly reassuring in the fact that gravity doesn't care what you think of it, it just keeps right on doing it's own thing... The…
Humility Day 2: The Essence of Humility

Articles » Daily Essentials

...humility has boundaries on both sides, too much and too little are both problems (usually too little is the more common problem)... Today we'll be looking at the…
Going Deeper with The Fundamental Principle

Articles » Quick Start 7

Knowing & Understanding what the Fundamental Principle is and how it works is just the tip of the iceberg, it's when you're able to actively put it to…
Messages of Hope Conference


My dear friend Jill Lublin is hosting a super special event next month where she's been able to bring together a wonderful cast of some of the world's…
Uniting Science, Spirit, and Mysticism

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We're dealing with a new paradigm in science so it’s easy to see how people go overboard, but if it's going to work for us in the real…
Continuous People

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Are you a 'Continuous Person' ? Do you treat everyone the same regardless of their place in society? Or do you change the way you act…