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O’ Fortuna – Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana - O' fortuna The Carmina Burana is a manuscript of collected poems found in 1803 at a Bavarian Monastery outside of Munich. The original collection contains 228 poems compiled by three different scribes. it is an old and magical work, discovered in 1803, but written in the 1200′s and protected all these many years…

The pieces are mostly very rhythmic, written almost entirely in what is called “Ecclesiastical Latin meter”; a poetic meter common among religious works. Of these 228 poems, perhaps the best known is a piece called, “O’ Fortuna” based closely, but not perfectly on one of them.

Because the piece is written in an ancient form of Latin, many scholars have spent a great deal of time and effort decoding and interpreting it… As witnessed in the above video, not all of these translations are all that accurate.

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