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Bruce Lee meets Techno Viking

The word “Epic-est” is defined thus: Bruce Lee “The Dj” + “The Techno Viking” + “Light Saber Nunchucks’ = “Epic-Est”

By now you’ve likley become well familair with both Bruce Lee, the incomparable Techno Viking (Kieth Jardine), and of course the use of Knee Cams to take sneaky footage outside massive raves… (amazingly steady those knees cams eh?) But there is much that happened that day very few people know about… Like, for example: Bruce Lee’s mysterious arrival on the scene…

It’s been called the “day of truth” – - – because of the moment Kieth Jardine regulates the safety and joy of the outside the party party goers… But the unknown truth is that the Legendary Techno Viking was on the scene as part of Bruce Lee’s entourage!

…and Bruce does not tolerate any ‘rudeness’ at parties he spins at! Here, for the first time ever footage from 38 camera phones has been composited to reveal what was happening just outside the frame of the original knee cam… Mysterious, hard to believe, yet video footage does not lie!

Special Thanks to DJ Steve Porter who helped repair the original audio as extracted from the camera phones…

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