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Bruce Lee Interview Part 3

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What is the root of humility? How can a person find worldwide notoriety, acclaim, and adoration while still keeping with their roots as a person?

In this third and final installment form the 1971 Pierre Berton interview Bruce explains his understanding of these challenging issues. For him it has always been about being the best that he could be in his honest truth. Not adapting or changing to the whims of the world, but instead, attempting always to bring forth his spirit to the people of the world in the highest and purest form he could manage.

At the end of the day, it’s the same for each one of us, What is all the praise, fame, and riches in the world worth if we choose to sacrifice our very essence to reach it? So many people spend a lifetime seeking their fortune only to arrive and realize they’ve left themselves behind in the process… Bruce Lee died at a young age, but he died knowing that he had lived his life at his highest possible truth, always bringing himself completely to everything he did…

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