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Brown P’Elvis

A few years ago I was studying art history via the Guggenheim and we were talking about the modern trend to ‘Cut and Recompile’ the art of previous eras into new modern works. The Professor, who’s name escapes me at the moment cautioned al us young artists that this modern trend in ‘derivative art’ could only produce ‘soulless fronts without aura or artistic integrity’.

Now, while understand that idea, and genuinely agree that oversampling and overusing the art of others can certainly produce some lifeless art, I don’t think that professor had ever envisioned The Godfather of Soul Jame Brown and the King himself Elvis Presley coming together in a modern mash-up of harmonic synergy unlike the world has ever seen before…

I mean seriously, this mash-up from DJ Steve Porter & DJ Eli Wilkie plays at just over 3 minutes and leaves you with one and only one thought: “More Please!”

So anytime anyone wants to tell you that the realm of soul and character is owned by the classical masters, just you remind them that it took 50 years to get Don Cornelious, James Brown, and Elvis Presley on stage together and no one, I mean no one better can claim Don Cornelious (host of Soul train) ain’t got soul, even in a mash-up!

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