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Ill Chemist aka The Breakbeatles – Back to the Top

The Beatles, timeless as ever, return to the modern day BreakBeat scene in this mash-up from Ill Chemist… 100% of the audio in this track has been sampled and remixed out of original Beatles songs.

I know, some of you are purists at heart and don’t like to mess with the originals of anything… But, let me assure you, the original songs were not hurt or damaged in this process… Yes, they still exist in their original form, that’s the magic of modern digital technology, you can take a set of epic classics from folks like the Beatles, mash it all up into something new and fun without harming the original in anyway!

So what about you? What do you have laying around from your past that you can rework into something that perfectly fits into this modern world? Perhaps something that even benifits and improves your life perhaps? Something long forgotten out inthe garage or in a closet someplace that you can mash-up into something new and fun?

Or, better yet, forget about it! Just enjoy the video and maybe play another brain building game here at Monalle! (I know that’s what I’m going to do!)

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