Pretty easy to play, ntohing outlandish here, at least not for the first few minutes. I’m going to ge a little personal in this write up here, because this game relates to me so perfectly in all my efforts to accomplish things. If you read my bio, you know I’ve spent my whole career on a project to project basis.

I set a goal, one that make take several years to accomplish, and then I head down the path towards it’s outcome. So often things look easy, they seem like nice clear straight paths to the outcome, just like in this game Bloxorz. But just like in this game, you are going to have to back up, get perspective, and try again.

Approach things from a different angle, come at things from the side, the front, the back, whatever it takes to get across the finish line… Good luck with this one, stay patient… Sometimes putting a square peg in a square hole is the hardest thing on Earth…

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