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Bangra Bill Cosby

Because Bill Cosby is a universal master of comedy, all it took was a new soundtrack and his television series is living on around the world… No need to be rewritten, no need for culture specific jokes, just Bill and the family doing what they do best, being goofy, silly and have a good time of it!

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the ability to laugh at oneself, to take things with a light heart and a gentle approach. Cosby, was / is a master at presenting serious topics, insightful fables, and still being able to find a light hearted gentle way to endear himself to people all over the world.

Although a well known celebrity all over the world, a multi-millionaire, and a formidable television and film producer, Mr. Cosby has never lost the ability to let himself be the butt of the joke, to inspire and uplift people without the need to be pretentious… A perfect blend of austere, humble, wise and funny… Bill, thanks for the laughs! You’re an inspiration to those of us all over the world dedicated to living life at our best!

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