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Beyond Positive Thinking

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It all starts with a single thought…

A single thought that sets itself apart from all the rest taking you Beyond Positive Thinking and into the realm of Positive Being.

“Thinking , Doing, and Being are
not the Same things!”

You see, there is a place beyond positive thinking where you stop doing and just start being, and when you get there it all becomes utterly effortless. The positivity just flows. In you, around you, everywhere you look and everything you do becomes part of being positive!

Step back for a second, I want you to think about what it feels like to be “Certain” : : : You know the feeling, the one you get when you’re absolutely certain of something…

Confident, secure, POSITIVE!

It’s a feeling that can’t be faked… A feeling that sets itself apart from all the others because when you’ve got it, you’ve stepped beyond positive thinking into the world of being positive!

But you can’t force it, and you can’t just reach out and take hold it, or bend it to your whims. Like a surfer on a wave, the only way to ride is discover the flow…

It’s Effortless When it Flows

Beyond Positive Thinking the effort stops. There’s nothing complicated about it and once you’ve got hold of it, there’s no need to ever let go!

Small Child reaches to grab a Rainbow

But there’s a trick to it…

…and it’s easier than you might think, but if you miss it, YOU’RE STUCK! It works like this: There are three steps not just one or two.”

Thinking Positively is just step one, it’s the start not the destination. With it you begin to see the opportunities in difficult situations and before long you see challenges as part of the grand playground, “The Obstacle Course of Life.”

Thinking gives way to Doing and you begin to take action on your thoughts, creating echoes of goodness in your life as everything you put forth comes back time and time again…

…and finally Beyond all that Positive Thinking comes the place of Positive Being where the joys in life come one after another in an endless flow of delight!

That is what we here for.

A place where you can get Beyond Positive Thinking all the way to Positive Being… It’s can be as simple as the smile on your face when your tapping your feet to an uplifting song, or as natural as the delight you feel when you get a new personal best on one of the games here…

We wanted to give you a place where everything is positive all the time, a place where you could get beyond positive thinking and just step into the joy of pure positivity over and over each and everyday…

Welcome to the Playground!

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