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Being Positive

Being Positive is actually a lot easier than many people choose to realize. It starts with a decision, a decision to enjoy your life and experience life at your best.

Woman Being Positive

It’s a simple decision, but it’s a decision we must remake every single day.

Being Positive has its definite challenges; there’s no doubt about that! But the advantages are so profound and so far reaching that they boggle the mind. Permit me to explain if you will, an image of a world where everywhere you go you are greeted with smiling faces, eager to see you, delighted at your every request.

Imagine this place where co-workers, or fellow students all know your name and each time they see you they smile at your approach, welcome you, and continually offer to help and support your every endeavor. A world where the gas station clerk smiles at you and calls you by name, a place where the coffee shop barista greats you with a delighted look in their eyes and serves you your regular favorite drink with delight and vigor.

The World of Being Positive

This is the world of those people who have made the commitment to being positive. It is real, and it’s just a stone’s throw away. When you make the commitment to being positive everything around you suddenly changes, people treat you different, everywhere you go it seems like everyone is happy to see you!

Man Being Positive

Impossible? Think for a moment of the person, not the phony one, the genuine person in your life who is always eager to see you, who always has something kind to say or ever ready to offer an attentive ear. How do you regard this Positive Person? If you’re anything like the rest of us, you generally always look forward to seeing them with delight, you always greet them with a smile, your always eager to spend time with them and even help them with whatever their doing…

This is the natural, even biological response we all have towards Positive people. We like, love, and even trust them as it’s so delightful to be around them. Positivity spreads, it echoes in the smiling faces of those it touches…

So why wait? Why wait for the source of that positive to show up when you can take control of it for yourself and become the Person being Positive everyone around you is so eager to see?

Monalle is here to help, with Positive Thinking Tips, tools, Articles Videos and games all dedicated to adding that little bit of brightness into your life every single day!

Give it a try, and you quickly see how rewarding being positive can be!