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Beardy Man does it again…

Here at Monalle we love minimalism… But that doesn’t mean we love to scrimp or go without… In fact, the real reason I / we love minimalism so much is the essential truth of, “How come some people can do so much with so little while others do so little with so much?”

Beardy Man and David Hopkinson get it… 2 time UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman and digital editing mix-master David Hopkinson combine their gifts for doing more with less in this amazing edit of a live ‘one take’ performance by Beardyman.

That’s right, what you’re seeing here is actually a single take performance recorded live using loop & sample techniques by Beardyman. Hopkinson adds the visual technology and animation to show us just how much is going on inside good ‘ole BeardyMan’s head…

Conceived and Produced by mr_hopkinson & Beardyman.

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