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Aqua Blocks

Nothing is more crucial in the pursuit of success then the ability to organize information, processes, and tasks. Napoleon Hill goes so far as to say, “Power, in all it forms is nothing more than organized information and effort.”

Aqua Blocks may seem like a trivial expression of this all encompassing truth, but at Monalle we take trivial expressions side by side with the deep and prophetic similar to the way a cookie mixes flour and chocolate to create something splendid (<--- Cookies are organized effort --->) So, here’s the meme on this this one – In this game you are rewarded (points) for how well you can find the groups hiding within the chaos. Remove small groups and the blocks shift to form larger groups.

You need at least groups of two in order to remove them from the playing field so be careful as you get closer to the end or you won’t be able to clear the level.

The takeaway on this is simple – “Group tasks, processes, and information” – just be careful not to group things so tightly that they prevent the natural flow from taking place!

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