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The Personal Power Big Daddy

Seems like people love or hate Anthony Robbins, but regardless of how they feel about him and his work, most people seem to have an opinion of him. He’s just that sort of guy, he brings up a lot in us all, asks us to face our demons and push our limits.

One of the core teachings in the Tony Robbins lesson book is the physical Embodiment of success. In his years of working with 100′s of thousands of people he noticed that when someone is on point (in the groove) they seem to show hit physically.

This led him to realize that he might be able to work from the outside in, meaning that if he could change someone’s physical state of being he could change their mental state of mind. In this interview he’s going to be talking about the techniques for doing just that.

Here at Monalle and over at the Pillars of Success we like to incorporate the Outside-in and the Inside-out techniques for making changes in our lives. Tony is the undisputed master of the Outside-in approach and offers some pretty valuable little tid-bits in this interview. Now, if you are a major proponent of the inside-out approach (making deep emotional changes on the inside to cause effects in your outside world) then this video will be extra valuable to you as it might add some additional tools to your tool bag of techniques.


Note: Tony just redid his whole website and is working with many of the best in the industry to establish a more potent online presence. So far, the effort has been a bit shallow, just scratching the surface of his real potential, but we’re looking forward to big things from him in the coming years.