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Amazing Save!

Somedays, everything is just going so good, so smooth, and the wing falls off you 800 horsepower stunt plane when you are 2,000 feet in the air and you gotta think fast… Real fast…

You can ditch, but you know all your buddies are on the ground and you don’t want you plane to take them out…

Plus, you paid $80 grand for that little weekend hobby of yours and what the heck, who really needs both wings just to land a plane anyways!?!

So you decide to go for it, if you can get it just right you can power stall that bad boy onto the runway, save the plane, save your buddies, and come out with a cool little video that will make a an instant Youtube star!

Oh, and yes, I do know already, you don’t need to email me about it… it’s still cool anyways isn’t it?

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