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“All My Little Words on Nintendo Gameboy”

I just don’t even know what to say about this one…. So let’s start with the basics, this is Tom Milsom performing Magnetic Field’s 1969 Release “All My little Words” – although instead of a big budget full band, Tom has a Nintendo Gameboy and the LSDJ game cartridge…

Okay, that’s the basics, here’s where it get’s interesting -

Awkward Ballads for the Easily Pleased

“It’s pretty good”… Seriously, it’s actually really pleasing to listen to. Tom is a young creative artist who is absolutely determined not to let any obstacles hold him back… He wanted to release a line of graphic novels, so he wrote the stories, drew them in pencil and pen, photocopied them, put up a website… POW! He’s a 17 year old publisher.

He wanted to release a cd “Awkward Ballards for the Easily Pleased” but with no budget for expensive studio time or equipment, he just performs the music on his Nintendo Gameboy…

Laughable? Sure, a young guy who is putting himself out there without regret or remorse is pretty easy to ignore… WAIT A SECOND!?! What? Everyone has dreams, and 90% of the time people tend to focus on what’s stopping them from fulfilling there dreams instead of asking the simple question, “What’s the best I can do with the resources I currently have?”

Tom decided not to wait for a record deal, or a producer, or a publisher… And guess what? A fan club formed to support him, a 100,000+ people have enjoyed his videos, his album and comic is selling well, and at just 17 years old he’s converted his efforts into Milsom Enterprises “Making the World a Better Place, For You!”

Way to go Tom!!! Thanks for setting a great example! You can Visit Tom’s website here:

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