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A Unified Perspective

Science and Mysticism

Let’s tie it all together and start putting this tool to work. The whole idea of turning your dreams into reality is nothing new, it’s the basis of every personal development course ever written. What makes this different is our perspective, our Unified Perspective.

Traditional Personal Development and Success Building strives to remove the Spiritual and Mystical elements from all world the religions and replace them with science. On the other side of that same coin, religions try to remove the science of goal setting and replace it with faith and mysticism.

Having a Unified Perspectivefrees you get to pick and choose. If you want to use faith, you can. If you want to use proof, you can. You don’t need to leave your personal Spirituality out of your pursuit of success. Moreover, you don’t need to abandon Science and replace it with hogwash in order to turn your life into a living dream come true. With a unified perspective you get all the tools that work, and get freed from the hype and hogwash.

The Observer influences the Observed (conclusion)

Science has always been a mystical art

The modern Quantum Paradigm proves that, “The Observer Influences the Observed.” This is a very mystical way of looking at reality. It means that our consciousness is now proven to extend beyond our bodies. It means that what we choose to notice becomes truly affected by our noticing it. It means that we really are the center of our own personal Universe. It means that life which we experience it is composed of a massive, shared living dream created by all the other people around us.

The scientific paradigm has shifted, and now the world of science wants to get back together with the mystical world of Spirit. Like a couple reuniting after a 2000 year long fight, science is saying, “You were right all along, we do have a spirit and it does affect reality. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.” The mystical world of Spirit is responding, “and you do have a lot to offer, you have proven good on so many of your claims! And, well, I have a few problems I could use some help with…”

Everything Science is showing us points to the fact that our consciousness influences everything it is exposed to. As you come to understand that you are the center of your personal Universe, you begin to see yourself as the creator, the builder, the play writer, and the actor in your own personal living dream. What you choose to experience, what you choose to see and create are all up to you, every step of the way. Now you understand that having a Unified Perspective allows you to use the tools of science, to create the mystical life of a living dream come true…

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