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Seriously Intense Almost Bail

The hurricane comes in, everyone is headed for shelter and security, except of course for the newscasters, and, well, this guy… Both of them are nuts, but one of them is enjoying it… Now I want to be clear, Monalle does not endorse or encourage this type of activity in anyway, oh who am I kidding… This guys rocks!!!

Listen, I’ve been a shaman for a long time now and my duty in life is to “meet people, accept them in their truth, and encourage them to live at tehir highest personal truth…” Yeah, I’m the editor of Monalle and have to temper my words for sake of public scrutiny a bit, but I’d be a hypocrite if I pretended that this guy isn’t in his truth at the highest level imaginable!

To me, it doesn’t matter what your thing is, if you’re a painter then paint as best you can! If you’re a business person, then do that as best you can, and if you were born to ride big waves, I mean really born to ride the biggest waves the world has to offer, then you gotta be true to your soul and live that life as best you can…

So, here’s the dealio, look at this guy, he is risking everything to fulfill his destiny, and I mean everything… He may be one of the best surfers in the world, but this situation is ludicris, and he faces it because it’s his nature to do so… To challenge himself, to push his limits… Most likely it isn’t in your nature to do things like this (I think this guy is one of maybe 3 people in the world able to pull off something like this, so most likely you fate is utterly different then his) but whatever your truth is, can you address and embrace it with the same level of incredible passion and courage seen here? At the end of the day, mistakes are easy to accept, but not being true to yourself, not giving it your all, those sorts of things are impossible to embrace…

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